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Betty's Dream at the 70th reunion of the 345th Bomb group

The 345th Bomb Group Association reunion, November 8-12, 2012, commemorated the 70th anniversary of the group's activation at Columbia Army Air Base on November 11, 1942. Activities at the reunion included topical educational sessions, a visit from Governor Nikki Haley, and a reception and viewing of a special 345th exhibit at the South Carolina Library. In addition, the Texas Flying Legends Museum joined us with B-25 Betty's Dream and nine of the 18 veterans in attendance were able to fly!

Wings over Houston 2011

October 15th and 16th at Ellington Field id the CAF's premier airshow, Wings over Houston. Here is a short video filled with the action from the weekend, featuring the Canadian Snowbirds and the Texas Flying Legend's warbirds.

Tuskegee Airmen's Red Tail comes to (B19) Biddeford, Maine

Biddeford, Maine (B19) is where we keep ther museum's Piper during the summer while our warbirds are at Wiscasset (KIWI). One day at Biddeford I met James Shepard, an original Tuskegee Airmen Crew Chief living in Maine!. He told me so many stories about the Red Tail Squadron while stationed in Italy during WWII. I found out it had been 67 years since Jim had flown in one of his planes. So I called my friends Doug Rozendaal and Alan Miller, who were with the CAF's Red Tail at the AOPA Summit in Connecticut. I told them the story about meeting Jim and if they would be interested in making a fuel stop at Biddeford's 3000 foot runway. They were all in. So we made the plans and called the local media. We told Jim we were having a cookout. When the Red Tail entered the pattern he knew that V-12 sound. Then we told him the plane was there for him and would he like to take a ride. He was up and on the wing soon after and away he went with Alan Miller. They landed in Portland (KPWM) and we picked Jim up in the Piper. Flying back to Biddeford down the Maine coast Alan pulled the Red Tail up in formation and Jim could see his plane flying beside us. Then Alan did a slow roll up into the sky and the Red Tail was off to Mississippi. What a great day for a great man! We thank you for your service Jim, and for the inspiration you and your squadron have given to us all. Here is our video of this wonderful day. What a goose bump job this is. Red Tails forever!

Zero on the way to Las Vegas

Here is the only remaining A6M2-21 Zero left flying in the world today. We left Houston, Texas on Saturday morning. This video was taken between Phoenix and Las Vegas today. Our Zero flown by Warren Pietsch and the Interstate Cadet once flown by Cornelia Fort (flown and owned by Kent Pietsch) will recreate their encounter 70 years ago on December 7, 1941, this Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at Jean Airport just outside of Las Vegas during the annual ICAS convention.

KIWI Airport Celebration 10/1/2011

Wiscasset, Maine (KIWI). Today was our last day in Maine for the summer. The weather turned bad - and the people still came. Wiscasset, Maine is an incredible place. The airport community fits us like a glove. The veterans are everywhere. They even have their local P-51 Ace, Don McKibben. See you next summer!


Bob Coleman, The Long Island Kid

On Wednesday October 5th, 2011, Bob Coleman, retired crew chief for the 355th Fighter Group during WWII, met up with an old friend. Captain Nobel Peterson of North Dakota, pilot of the P-51 Dakota Kid II, had Bob Coleman's nick name "Long Island Kid" painted on the plane during the war. On this day, The Long Island Kid met up with his old friend at the American Airpower Museum in Long Island, New York.

Other planes from the Texas Flying Legends Museum Making the trip with Dakota Kid II piloted by Casey Odegaard were: Robert Odegaard flying Whistling Death, a FG-1D Corsair, Alan Miller and F. Lee Bailey flying Betty's Dream, a B-25 Mitchell bomber from Maine to Republic Field, (then Alan and his dad Bill Miller flew Betty's Dream to Ellington Field in Houston) and Warren Pietsch, flying Last Samurai, the only remaining A6M2 Japanese Zero still flying in the world today.

Great State of Maine Airshow

August 27, 2011 - The Texas Flying Legends were to leave and fly an Airshow in Newport, RI, canceled at the last minute by Hurricane Irene. 7 miles away the Great State of Maine Airshow was taking place at the same time. Maine didn't receive the whallop RI did, so the show went on and TFLM was happy to help out.

See Warren Pietsch do aerobatics in the Last Samurai, the museum's Japanese Zero, and see incredible footage of the Navy's Blue Angels.

The Piper & P-51

Now how many times do you get to do this? Flying our 6XT as a ferry plane this summer, we had a lot of interesting warbirds right off our wing. Here is Warren Pietsch in Dakota Kid II as we ferried the plane to Biddeford Airport (B19) for their Open House on August 20, 2011. Moving airplanes this summer was fun!

Summer 2011 at Wiscasset, Maine

August 14th, 2011 - The Texas Flying Legends and the Town of Wiscasset hold an Open House to honor Veterans before they launch to fly an Airshow over the Shipyard Cup in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Incredible aerial footage of the warbirds!

Owls Head Transportation Museum

August 6, 2011 - Texas Flying Legends Museum visits Owls Head Transportation Museum for their Wings & Wheels Spectaular Show. See Warren Pietsch fly the Last Samurai (one of only two flying Japanese Zeros left in the world) and the Aleutian Tiger (Curtis P-40K Warhawk). Dan McCue flies the museum's FG-1D Corsair, Whistling Death.

St. Barths Airshow 2011 - The Movie

This is the full length movie featuring the St Barths Airshow, complete details of all the planes and pilots, the Bucket Race and Airshow, and the awards ceremony.

Music by: Philippe Ballestrazzi
Images by: Philippe Ballestrazzi, Tony Duarte & Benard Javelle
Copyright: llzz productions, St Barth -

St. Barths Airshow 2011 - Cockpit Cameras

Come fly with the Texas Flying Legends Museum as they do low passes over the St Barths airport and SY Marie at the 2011 St Barths Bucket Regetta. Pilots are: Warren Pietsch - P-40K, Robert Odegaard - FG-1D and Casey Odegaard - P-51D.


St. Barths Bucket Airshow 2011

Texas Flying Legends Museum flew 4 WWII aircraft from Houston, Texas to St. Barths and back, making history as the first time since WWII that these planes flew such a distance over water. Enjoy the first ever "St. Barths Bucket Airshow", flown each day at the conclusion of the St. Barths Bucket Regatta. 

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