Warren Pietsch

Vice President Operations
Chief Pilot

Warren began flying at a young age and soloed on his 16th birthday. He continued obtaining his certificates to fly charter for the family business with his father Al Pietsch. In 1980, after restoration of his T-Craft, Warren joined his father and brother, Kent in the Air Show industry performing at shows across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to flying Air Shows, Warren was a captain for a major airline for 20 years flying Lockheed 1011, B-727, B-737's worldwide. Warren has accumulated over 26,000 hours of flight time in aircraft ranging from gliders, J-3 Cubs, antique aircraft and vintage WWII aircraft. He is qualified for aerobatics in numerous aircraft, including the P-51 Mustang.

Warren is also qualified for formation aerobatics and is an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE) for ICAS. Warren along with his brother Kent, are honorary Canadian Snowbirds and they were the proud recipients of the Bill Barber Showmanship Award at Oshkosh, WI in 2005. Warren continues to operate the family business his father began in 1957. Pietsch Aircraft Restoration & Repair, Inc. is located in Minot, ND. They offer flight instruction including both glider and power aircraft. The shop crew remains busy rebuilding several antique aircraft, maintaining customer aircraft, and engine work. Warren and his wife Jolene have two children and make their home in the country, southeast of Minot.

Warren Pietsch

Scott Tollefson

General Manager

Scott’s path to the world of aviation is a tale of real world experience mixed with discipline and imagination. With over 30 years of retail management, he has become a valuable member of our management team. As an athlete he has a diverse background in sports including Martial Arts (he’s a 3rd degree Black belt), sport shooting, and hockey to name a few. Skydiving was his passion, but after 500 jumps he decided to get his pilots’ license and instrument rating. At age 52 he became Owner/Operator of Aerial Concepts Photography and now enjoys over 500 hours of flight time in his Cessna 172.

Together with his wife Darla, he has 5 children and 2 Grandchildren. He salutes all of those who have given us our freedom, and those that continue to fight to maintain it. Thank you all for your "sacrifice above self."

Bernie Vasquez

Director of Maintenance
Warbird Pilot

Bernie became fascinated with flight as a young boy. Riding his bike to the local airport, he befriended Steve Seghetti ( who had a P-51. “He opened his hanger up and I never left! Form the first time he let me sit in the P-51 I was hooked! I told him someday I’m going to fly one.” So, at the age of 11, Bernie worked at the local glider port, trading hours for glider lessons. Eventually he went looking for the same trade at the airport and was given the job of fuel boy. He earned enough hours of flight time to receive his private license and soloed on his 16th birthday, when most of his friends were just learning how to drive a car.

As he branched out in the industry, he restored aircraft from the ground up for Sanders Aircraft in Ione, Ca and specialized in tube and fabric repairs. Now he does all his own fabric work and owns White’s Aircraft Restoration in Isleton, Ca.

Doug Rozendaal

Warbird Pilot

Doug began his professional flying career in the right seat of a DC-3 hauling freight. With over 30 years of flying experience Doug holds an Airline Transport pilot rating in numerous WWII Transports and Bombers as well as Corporate Jets. He also flies many of the significant Allied Fighters of WWII.

He is a Certified Flight Instructor and FAA Pilot Examiner in Single and Multi-engine aircraft including the B-25.

Doug is a surface level aerobatic airshow pilot in WWII fighter aircraft and performs at numerous airshow venues annually all across America. He has been selected by the US Navy to fly Vintage Warbirds with Modern Navy Fighters in the US Navy Legacy Flight Program.

Casey Odegaard

Warbird Pilot

Casey started flying at a very young age. His first solo was at 16 and he started flying P-51D Mustangs at 21. Since then he has logged nearly 2500 hours in nearly everything from an Aeronca Champ to a Douglas DC-3. He has been building and maintaining warbirds since high school and is currently working on a Goodyear F2G Super Corsair. Casey is 27 years old and lives in the small town of Kindred, North Dakota, where he grew up.

Casey Odegaard

Alan Miller

Warbird Pilot

The son of a career Navy man, Alan’s life-long passion for aviation began while growing up at Barbers Point Naval Air Station in Hawaii. His father, Bill, taught Alan to fly on that same airfield – where he soloed on his 16th birthday.

He has instructed, and flown tours, night cargo and air ambulance throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Alan joined Hawaiian Airlines at the age of 23, and now flies the Airbus A330 for Delta Airlines. He has a small airshow team in Hawaii that features a truck top landing and comedy act in his 1946 Aeronca Champ. He continues to instruct and specializes in teaching tailwheel and glider flying that emphasizes old school stick and rudder skills, and is also a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.

Alan now splits his time between Hawaii - where he hangs out with his three sons, and the mainland U.S.- where he can be found flying a variety of warbirds throughout the airshow season. On occasion his father, Bill, joins him as copilot on Betty’s Dream. He is very honored to be a member of the Texas Flying Legends Museum and appreciates the opportunity to fly these great warbirds of World War II- so that the veterans that so courageously flew these planes in defense of our country can once again proudly see their former aircraft take to the skies.

Alan Miller

Mark Murphy

Warbird Pilot

Mark began flying with his father at a very early age and received his pilot’s license at the age of 17. He inherited his passion for flying naturally. His father, David, owns a 4,000 foot grass strip in Upstate New York where their family flies.

A flight instructor specializing in tailwheel endorsements, Mark holds ATP, A&P, multi-engine and helicopter licenses. He flies airshows in the P-51D Mustang “Never Miss” (Warbird Digest, March 2010) and as a volunteer for the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour, he pilots “Betty Jane” a P-51C. With over 5,000 hours of flight time in 68 different types of aircraft, including an L-4 Cub, the P-51 Mustang is still his favorite plane to fly (over 400 hours).

Mark’s wife Diane, also a pilot, and their three children all enjoy flying for pleasure. Best of all, they live next door to the same grass strip where their parents learned to fly. With 6 pilots in the Murphy family, flying comes naturally.

Michael Schiffer

Warbird Pilot

Michael Schiffer soloed on his 16th birthday and has flown ever since. Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University he spent two years as a test engineer for Clark Equipment Company before joining his brother in their crop dusting business. Today they fly on contracts with county, state, and federal officials protecting the public’s health and forests of the USA.

Michael Schiffer’s father Patrick, was a flight instructor for the Air Force training pilots in T-6’s and T-28’s and then for Western Michigan University. He instilled in all his children a love of flying and particularly, warbirds. Michael has flown over 20,000 hours as pilot in command, nearly all of that in tail wheel aircraft. Regularly flying his Stearman and North American T-6 help maintain his skills. In addition he has earned Letters of Authorization from the FAA to fly the P-51 Mustang, Grumman F6F Hell Cat, Goodyear Vought F4U Corsair, T-28 Trojan, Lockheed T-33 T-Bird, and the L-39 Albatross.

Both his Airframe and Powerplant rating from the FAA and his engineering degree help in understanding and operating vintage aircraft and engines. Thousands of his flying time was spent working ag-aircraft powered by Pratt and Whitney Radial engines fine tuning (and destroying) his hearing to note any change in engine performance.

Mr. Schiffer is honored to fly with the Texas Flying Legends, both because of their mission to honor the veterans, and because of all the people involved. It is an honor to fly with TFLM pilots. “I learn more from them every time the group is together!”

Sam Graves

Warbird Pilot

Sam Graves started flying when he was 16 years old while hanging out at the local airport with his brother. "We would pump gas and wash planes, anything to get a plane ride." Sam has his commercial license and is currently working on his ATP. He has logged over 3500 hours with ratings in single engine land, single engine sea and multi engine land. Sam is also type rated in the P-40 and TBM Avenger. Sam currently is a Member of Congress representing Missouri's sixth Congressional District. He also serves as the Chairman of the House Small Business Committee and is Co-Chair of the General Aviation Caucus and the Pilot's Caucus. Sam's passion for flying also includes restoring a rare 1942 Beech AT-10 to flying condition. This is the same plane that he and his brother would play in as young kids. Sam has three children and resides in Tarkio Missouri.