Our Mission

The Texas Flying Legends Museum is dedicated to honoring past generations and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow through active display of WWII warbirds. Highlighting the drivers behind America’s success, our programs serve to remind us of the values and freedoms that make our country great and to challenge visitors to give back to their local communities. We are proud to do our part to ensure that America remains "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Honoring our Nation’s
"Greatest Generation"

Arsenal of Democracy Aircraft to Take Flight
over DC on the 70th Anniversary of VE Day 

An historic event is planned in Washington, D.C. In honor of the 70th Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe), the Arsenal of Democracy is hosting a tribute to the men and women at home and abroad that made victory possible, including the contributions of our manufacturing sector that helped win the war. U.S. aircraft manufacturers were engaged in the greatest industrial effort in history. They went from producing a handful of aircraft to having thousands coming off of assembly lines. Often times rival aircraft companies worked together during wartime; allowing competitor’s planes to be produced in their own factories to boost the production for our men and women fighting abroad. In 1944 alone, the United States produced 114,000 combat planes.

Thursday, May 7, 2015: Victory Gala at the National Air & Space Museum

The evening will be attended by friends of the aerospace community who share a demonstrated commitment to honoring our nation’s greatest generation. These will include senior military officials, corporate and association executives, veterans, political leaders and Administration officials.

Friday, May 8, 2015: World War II Victory Capitol Flyover

The Arsenal of Democracy: World War II Victory Capitol Flyover will include 15 historically sequenced warbird formations that travel across our nation’s capital – from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol — on Friday, May 8, 2015. The Flyover will feature warbirds representing the major battles of World War II, from Pearl Harbor through the final air offensive to defeat Japan. Never before has such a diverse collection of WWII aircraft been assembled at one location, to honor the large assemblage of veterans gathered at the WWII Memorial.

Visit ww2flyover.org to see the website and read all about the flyover formations. Click here for the press release, and for more information call (202) 393-1504 or email ww2flyover@manessgroup.com.

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